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Lion Duplicate Bridge Wallet – Yellow 1-8



Lion Duplicate Bridge Wallet – Yellow 1-8

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 Lion Duplicate Bridge Wallet – Yellow 1-8
Item No. 220116
Product Description
A set of - 8 Duplicate Bridge Wallets, numbered 1-8 made of  PVC. 
The Bridge Wallet is being in use for duplicate Bridge, as well as for bridge teachers, home use etc. 
Each set is marked with different numbers as follows:
1 – 8 (Current Set)
9 – 16 
17 – 24 
25 – 32 
Each Wallet has a different number, different dealer position, and different vulnerability, all according with the duplicate bridge rules.
Inside the wallet there are four pockets for each Player’s 13 cards .
The Wallet are being use to keep the dealt Bridge hand in the same order, and position , to enable several pairs to play the same hands.
Product Features

Duplicate Bridge Wallets
Made of  PVC
Numbers and position are marked on each wallet
A slot for keeping  the Score Sheet 
Available in five different colors : Blue, Yellow, Black, Green and Red. 
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Catalog # #220116
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Length 450.00 gr
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