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About Us


Lion Games & Gifts was established with a goal to design, produce and to distribute games & gift items in a world-wide spectrum.
With our expertise on bridge, chess, poker and casino equipment, we are happy to be serving a big customer base in numerous countries located in Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia. 
We are constantly working to improve our products in order to adapt them to the differing demands of our worldwide customers. In addition, we are able to modify and customize our products upon request in order to adjust it to our customers’ needs.
We hope to have you among our customers.
Ohad Forstner (General Manager) and the entire Lion Games & Gifts team.
1. Established in 2001 in the Netherlands.
2. In October 2001 we launched our Pat. Pending Bridge Table System. This revolutionary table is the perfect Bridge table as it features a sturdy table with built-in boxes for bidding cards. Our tables are used in homes, Bridge clubs, Chess clubs, community centers etc.
3. Since January 2002 we operate as sole distributors of Piatnik (Wiener Spielkartenfabrik Ferd. Piatnik & Söhne) products in The Netherlands.
4. In January 2003 we started selling our Lion Duplicate Bridge Board. We are confident that it is the BEST duplicate bridge board in the world!
5. In 2005 we designed our new Lion Manual Card Shuffler (Registered Design). This shuffler is environmental friendly as it does NOT require any batteries!
6. In 2006 we introduced our Symmetrical Bidding System Cards (Registered Design).
7. In 2007 we introduced the 2nd version of our Symmetrical Bidding System Cards. Both versions are printed on 100% plastic material that makes the cards long lasting. The new design is perfect for left and right handed players as they can use the bidding cards with no need of twisting their hands when placing their bids or calls.
8. In 2013 we launched our new website. 


Lion Games & Gifts Europe designs, produces and distributes games & gift items globally.